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RID Stone's custom made Kitchen & Bathroom counter tops will add your House more value, shine and elegance in everyday use.

Feel more comfort with Kitchen or Bath Counter top made by RID Stone.

  • Pick the Product and Color HERE or:
    • Visit our showroom.
    • Visit one of the warehouses and check the slabs in person.
  • It is recommended to provide basic measurements and a diagram to your RID Stone expert if possible. For your convenience we have a worksheet attached, just click HERE , print it and then you can bring it to our Showroom - E-mail - Fax: 630-296-8394 - Call: 708-880-3270. You can have your own sheet too.
  • The stone expert at RID Stone will discuss the counter top surfaces, edges, back splashes and additional options available to you.
  • A RID Stone expert will create an initial quote with an estimated price for your counter top project. Final price for counter top project will be determined after in-home template/measurements has been completed. To do a simple quote fill out the proposal on the bottom of the page.
  • We will need 50% deposit before any fabrication job starts, final balance payment will be made upon completion. 
  • You will be smiling at all the times and keep saying: WOW,  you guys did a wonderful job. Thank you !


  • All items to be installed/mounted on or adjacent to the counter top must be present at the job site for the day of the template/measurements. This includes sinks, faucets, appliances, cook tops, soap dispensers, etc.
  • All appliances (including installed dishwasher) must be in place.
  • Stone (e.g. Granite, Quartz) & Laminate counter tops have visible seems. Acrylic counter tops have inconspicuous seems. Seam area can be discussed at the time in-home template appointment. To ensure structural integrity, final seam place will be determined by fabricator. Sink cut outs and cook top cut outs are not part of the finished product and will not be available only at some cases.
  • RID Stone employee will visit your home to:
    • Create a template and measure to ensure your new counter top will fit perfectly.
    • Review your project and mark any special instructions.
    • Explain measurements change from previous estimate.
    • Ask you to fill out and sign the contract form and approving the counter top order including seam place and cut outs.
  • All cabinets and panels should be completely in place, installed and level. Before any measurements or template all cabinets needs to be structurally attached, level and & secure to the wall and/or floor.
  • You or your chosen decision maker must be over age of 18 and must be present at all appointments and sign all required documents.
  • Do NOT make any demolition until RID Stone worker has notified you that the counter tops are ready for install, scheduled and installed.
  • During fabrication, your new counter tops will be custom built based on the specifications created during the measurement appointment.
  • Once your counter tops are finished with the fabrication process, a RID Stone employee will contact the customer to schedule the installation appointment. The installation can take approximately 1-5 hours depending on the size of Kitchen counter tops.
  • Your counter tops needs to be removed and hauled away before installation. You can discuss this with us for further details.
  • RID Stone's counter top installers will visit your home and install the counter tops.
  • Please provide clean access to kitchen and power supply.
  • If your kitchen counter top includes full wall back splash, the back splash is often measured after counter top installation and installed in approximately 1-3 days later.
  • Please allow a 3 hour window or arrival time for appointments. All the jobs usually completed during the business hours Monday - Friday. At some cases jobs can be done on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Please keep children and pets out of the work area for duration of installation. It is always recommended not to be around the installation area during the installation period to avoid any injury from cutting or drilling.

If you can not find what you are looking for, call us at 630-318-7319 and we will tell you if it's something we sell, and when it will be in stock.

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