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RID Stone offers you these wonderful products to Clean, Seal and Protect your Natural Stone flooring and Counter tops. 

RID Stone offers you repair and cleaning service for your Kitchen and Bathroom Counter tops or Natural stone flooring. Ask for details.

Stone Essentials™ Daily Cleaner with Protector

Easy-to-use everyday cleaner is VOC-compliant and safe for all stone, ceramic tile, and quartz surfaces. Reinforces your stone’s stain defense with every cleaning. Excellent degreaser.

Stone Essentials™ Stone Sealer Water-based

Premium water-based, VOC-compliant sealer/impregnator provides maximum stain protection for stone, tile, grout, and masonry surfaces while preserving the natural appearance of the stone. Forms a vapor-permeable barrier that resists water- and oil-based stains.

Stone Essentials™ Countertop Polish

Easy-to-use aerosol foam polish provides a beautiful protective shine on all countertop surfaces while hiding light scratch and etch marks. Increases water repellency, minimizes water spotting, and eliminates heavy residues and fingerprints.

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