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Rid Stone, Inc. will gladly answer any questions concerning the conditions of the sales. We cannot be responsible for any misunderstanding on the part of the consumer. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and be familiar with the Conditions of Sale.

Sale Tax
Local Sale tax will be applied to the customer of 7.75% for material only. General materials sold and shipped to an out-of-state location are the customer’s responsibility.

Freight and Shipping
All items are brought in by any means other than RID Stone, Inc. own trucks (included items listed as stock) will occur freight, which is the responsibility of the customer, Examples are LTL, UPS, and Air Freight. Any items shipped to you, will be shipped freight collect, unless otherwise specified.
RID Stone carries a large inventory of products. However, from time to time some inventoried products are not in stock and available for customer pickup. Freight charges from the factory to RID Stone will be the responsibility of customer if the customer cannot wait for the next scheduled shipment from the factory or other warehouses.

Packing Fee
A nominal packing fee may be applied to certain shipments.

All returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge and must be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date. All return products customer has to bring to a location was picked-up/purchased. Only full, clean, unopened boxes may be returned. No special orders may be returned. Caliber and shade must match present inventories. Picked-up Items and/or delivered to a customer it is customers responsibility to inspect thru out and sign on the invoice that it is PICKED-UP. The original invoice must accompany all returns. No returns on slabs that have been delivered to customer’s warehouse.

We accept CASH, CHECKS, CASHIER CHECKS, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER. There is a 4% surcharge if you want to use the Credit/Debit card. RID Stone, Inc. will not charge the card without a customer permission or without customer knowing that there is a surcharge applied. Surcharge may be waived for small amounts if customer aggres with RID STONE, INC. employee.

Credit card and Check disclaimer
This disclaimer is intended to ensure that this payment is committed irrevocably to RID Stone, Inc. for material or service purchased under and over this contract. The credit card holder has authorized the fabricator / contractor / transporter / customer / to buy, install and / or take delivery of the material under this transaction, and is making payment for the same. By signing this authorization to charge the credit card, signor agrees to be bound by RID Stone, Inc policies, terms and conditions, and instructions for this transaction, and will have no defense with regards to the material, and the right of charge back. Customer can’t do any chargebacks on the account or purchase made with RID Stone, Inc., if the customer did the charge back, returned the check or NSF for any reason, customer is responsible for: repayment balance of all funds that were charged back. Plus a $75 chargeback, returned the check or NSF fee must be paid as well. Past due Invoices will be billed at rate 1.5%-23.5% per month outstanding. If the customer refuses to make any payment, any unpaid account will require RID STONE, Inc. to bring suit for collection, the customer agrees the jurisdiction shall be in Du Page County, Illinois and that Illinois State laws apply in all disputes. 

Shade Variations and Stone Disclaimer
Variations in Shade, Veining, and Patterns are inherent to all natural stone products. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all materials before installation. Any claims for excessive shade variation or obvious defects after installation will not be accepted. Under circumstances will claims be accepted after stone has been cut. No product claims after installation.

Slip Disclaimer
Buyer/Owner must determine slip resistance suitability and maintainability. Natural stones, ceramic, porcelain, quartz and related products represent products of nature; we cannot be held responsible in any cause of action resulting from RID Stone, Inc. makes no expressed or implied warranty or merchandisibility or fitness for any particular purpose. These products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetics, color, shade, finish, hardness.
Natural stone may be characterized by dry seams, pits, fossils. In polished and honed stones, these areas are often filled at the factory. In rustic or tumbled stones as well as with some honed limestones, these are often filled with grout du. In these instances, it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure. We recommend the use of a sealer for all natural stone applications.
Any samples submitted are with the understanding that these qualities are inherent in the nature of the produce are not to be considered latent defects.

Special Orders
Special Orders are orders placed for material we do not have in stock, but have been brought in by customer request. These orders may be subject to a 50% down payment. Special orders cannot be canceled or returned. The customer is responsible for all freight and any UPS charges. RID Stone reserves the right to request the cost of the material up front.

RID Stone normal stock samples 4x4 are free of charge, unless the customer request 12x12 or bigger samples. For 12x12 or bigger samples nominal stocking price will be applied. Unused samples can be returned free of charge.

Tile and Slab Delivery
There will be a nominal charge for all local deliveries. All accounts outside the area will negotiate this cost with RID Stone,Inc.

Reserving Products
All products held or reserved at any RID Stone,Inc location must be picked up and billed within 30 days. RID Stone,Inc is not responsible for products held over 30 days. All held and billed material must have a job name and address.

All tile is sold in full cartons, there is an $8 charge for any broken cartons.
Venue for Collection Procedures
Should any unpaid account require RID INCORPORATED to bring suit for collection the customer agrees the jurisdiction shall be in Du Page County, Illinois and that Illinois State laws apply in all disputes.